August 20, 2004
1:20 pm

I did switch to a different message board, so be sure to check it out! It's a lot less confusing than the old one. I also added some new links, and I think that's it.

August 18, 2004
2:00 pm

I added pictures of Washington DC and Smith Mountain Lake. And I changed a couple things on the message board, like who's allowed to read the messages. I might switch to a different message board though, because this one is a little confusing. I'll see how it goes.

August 17, 2004
2:20 pm

This is the first time I've updated this site since last year, believe it or not. I guess I've just had better things to do... But we just visited Michigan last week, and a few people commented on the site, so I decided to get it up and running again. We'll see how long that lasts.

So far, the only things I've done are the Disney World pics and the new message board. The company the old one was from went out of business...